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Advertising Details for ExchangeServerVersions

Advertising on ExchangeServerVersions is a GREAT IDEA!

ExchangeServerVersions is focused on Microsoft Technologies. We have thousands of users monthly looking for solutions to problems they're having. If you're product is related to a Microsoft Technology, then ExchangeServerVersions is the perfect place to advertise. We sell advertising packages on a per technology basis. So you might want to advertise to users looking at Exchange, or Outlook, or Excel, or SQL Server, or ASP.NET, or Visual Studio related issues. We can show your ad to the users who are going to gain the most out of it, both on the web site, as well as in Email. Extremely Targeted.

ExchangeServerVersions advertising rates are very simple.

$200.00 per month to advertise on ExchangeServerVersions, per technology.
$200.00 per month to advertise in the daily/weekly ExchangeServerVersions newsletter, per technology.
$300.00 per month to advertise on both the web site, and the newsletter, per technology.

Who sees your advertisement?

(Web Site) Minimum = 100 000 page views per month
(Newsletter) Minimum =  10 000 e-mails sent per month

Internet Advertisement:

Banner Ad (text, flash or graphic) to replace a google ad (728x90)

Email Advertising:

Text & HTML Versions: Four lines total
Line 1 = Bolded Headline
Line 2 & 3: Text
Line 4: HTML = Hyperlink
Line 4: Text = URL

Payment via PayPal is preferred.

Contact Tom in our sales department for more information.

You can comment here. If you know of a hotfix build or KB that we don't have listed here, please use the comments.